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KetoFUEL™ Meal Replacement Shake

Has a delicious creamy taste that people love, in addition to  supporting ketosis.

KICK Sport & Go (Musca-Berry) 30 servings

• Helps Reduce Fatigue
• Supports Improved Mental Clarity
• Helps Accelerate Ketosis
• Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
• Includes Benefits from Fruits,
Vegetables, and Greens
• Fresh ‘Muscaberry’ Fruit Flavor

BulaFIT BURN 2.0 Capsules

A potent combination of herbs and extracts that help you manage appetite/cravings while providing sustained energy and heightened focus.

Protein FuelBOOSTER (Cacao)

Delicious natural cacao with creamy goodness.  For best results, use this with the Keto Fuel Meal Replacement.


BulaFIT™ Keto Kofi™

It is a delicious blend of organic coffee that improves physical and mental energy while lowering hunger and cravings.

Make it Keto Cookbook

Jennifer Winder specializes in creating simple, delicious ketogenic meals that anyone can make.

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